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Unlike grass, our turf is built to withstand the environment, so your synthetic lawn stands up better to drought, shade and extra-damp conditions. When it comes to landscaping, whatever you imagine, we will help you build something to last for years to come.


For both large and small breed dogs, as well as cats and other domesticated pets, Pet Turf, is a safe, non-allergenic activity surface. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use in large or small areas, Pet Turf is durable and resilient. The added bonus: it simply looks great.


Pro golfers have played on courses around the globe and have singled out our turf as being some of the best turf they have taught or played on. No matter the size of the installation, we have an experienced team to help make your course appear and perform beautifully.


Our synthetic turf is so incredibly similar in look, feel, and performance to natural grass that you won’t notice the difference – except in the maintenance costs. Synthetic turf tee line give you one less worry, as the consistent performance will allow you to focus on what you’re there to do.


We can create and install a natural-looking field that will be easy and inexpensive to maintain. We also create turf for batting boxes, tuft-in-lines, and offer pre-made hitting mats with diamonds. You save money, time and effort, in return for a durable and safe field that will last for years.


We have installed indoor and outdoor sports fields on behalf of a variety of professional, semi-professional, collegiate and amateur sporting venues. We have supplied a number of municipalities, colleges, universities, and school districts with synthetic turf for use in intramural play fields.


Whether you need an indoor or outdoor field, a practice or game space, we can install a durable, safe and low-maintenance artificial turf field that will last for years and be available on your schedule. Our artificial turf for sports fields are perfect for many types of field-related activities, from soccer and baseball to croquet and lacrosse.


Many gyms, training facilities, and schools are implementing synthetic turf for agility training areas to replicate the look and feel of being on natural grass for added resistance. While our synthetic turf simulates outdoor field conditions, it has been constructed with added cushioning to reduce stress on the joints and prevent injuries.


Our playground and play-field areas are more sanitary and resilient than other surfaces. They are also not affected by the elements, so you never have to worry about muddy or frozen play areas. Less maintenance, no chemicals, no watering, and environmentally sound construction make this the ideal solution for playgrounds.

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